September 11, 2012


Common abbreviations used in E.Mails 

இ .மெயில் -லி  லும்  மற்றும் 
சுருக்க  வார்த்தைகள் 

AFAIK    As for as I know

AFK        away from keyboard

ASAP      As soon as possible

ATK        At  the key board

BAK       Back at keyboard

BBL       Be back later

BBS       Be back soon

BFS        or B4N   Bye for now

BTW      By the way

CYA       See ya

F2F        Face to face

FYI        For your information

FWIW   For what it’s worth

GAL      Get a life

GFN      Gone for now

GMTA   Great minds think alike

GTGN    Got to go now

GTSY     Great to see you

HHOK   Ha, ha, only kidding

IASA      I am so annoyed

IC           I see

IMHO    In My humble opinion


and short messaging services (SMS)

மெசெஜிலும் பயன்படுத்தும் 

IMO        In my opinion

IOW        In other  words

JTLYK   Just to let you know

KIT         Keep in touch

L8R         Later

LOL        Laughing out louder

MYOB     Mind your own business

NOMDB   Not over my dead body

OIC          Oh, I see

OOO        Out of order

OTOH     On the other hand

POS          Parents over shoulder

ROE         Raising one eyebrow

ROTFL    Rolling on the floor laugh

SI              Sarcasm  intended

SWL         Screaming with laughter

SYS           See you soon

TTFN        Ta-ta for now

TTYL        Talk to you later.

TTYT        talk to you tomorrow

WB            Welcome back

WI             With irony

WTG        Way to go


  1. Vengatesan,

    These abbreviations are great. There are some I have not used for long. Thanks for reminding.