July 22, 2012


Hold the photo in your left  hand

Hold the  photo firmly on your left hand
Look at this picture.
Hold this photo
How many persons are there in the photo?
How many of them standing/ sitting?
What are the objects seen in the picture?
Can you guess what's the photo about?

Name the persons in the photo as A ,B,C....from left to right.
Now try to answer the questions.
Who is speaking?
Who is standing beside the speaker?
Who is standing on the left to the speaker?
What is the name of the person standing last?
Who is standing the second from the right?
How many persons are sitting right to "E"?
Three persons are standing to the left to "E"-Is this correct? Then What's the correct answer?

Now who is speaking?
Who is looking anxiously to the speaker?
What is the last man doing?
What does he have in his hand?
What are the objects seen behind the speaker?
What is the colour of the table cloth?
How may flower vashes are  there on the table?
Are the windows are opened or partially opened?
How many doors are opened in the wondow?

Who is standing in the center?
Is she a school girl?
What is the colour of the shawl ?
Where is the shawl?
How many persons are standing in the front row?
then second row/then third row.
Who is offering hearing aid to the school girl?
Both windows are.........................
All are standing in front of the .....................
In which hand does the girl holding the hearing aid?
The women in black dress is the child's mother, Am I correct?
How many face are visible?
Who is seen with spectacles?
Can you see the objects on the table?
Is there any paper on the table?
The child is wearing blue shirt...Am I correct?
The wall is painted with....................
Oh! Small girl.
The girls is seen with two plaits ( ஜடை)
The plaits are tied neatly.
The person looking the child seem to be her father.
Where is her father standing?On her right or left?
Are all looking at the child? Then how many of them looking at the child?

Ya! another small child.
Here mother is looking at her child.
The child is not looking at her mother
All are keenly posing to the photo.
Only one women is sitting.
There are two women are seen in the picture.

Where is the boy?
Can he walk?
How can we call those who could not walk?
The child is eagerly watching the CTEV shoes.
Mother is delighted with the help.
The child is thinking......Now onwards i can walk.
Do you help the differently abled?
Have you seen them?
Whose face is partially seen in the photo?
Whose face couldn't be seen?
What is the colour combination of the child's dress.
Is the child's mother face is visible in the photo?
I say the mother's face is visible? Do you agree with this?
What colour saree does the women wear who is standing second from the right?

How many of them posing for the photo?
A girl student is seen in the photo? Is this correct? then who?
Is the cupboard is completely seen in the photo?
How many men? How many women ? How many children are seen in the photo?

These photos are taken when I was a special educator in Block Resource Center .  Just observe the post and wait until the next post for detail 


  1. Hi Vengatesan,

    This is a great post. You have to search on the Internet for hours to find suitable photos to make students speak. But these photos are really great. May I also use them with my speaking class? thanks