August 31, 2011


      Abbreviations used in mobile messages and at the time of chatting

  • 121- One-to-one (Person-to-person) AFK Away from keyboard
  • AKA- Also known as
  • ASAP- As soon as possible
  • ASL- Age/sex/location?
  • B4 -Before
  • BBL -Be back later
  • BRB- Be right back
  • BTW- By the way
  • CUZ- Because
  • FAQ- Frequently asked questions FYI For your information
  • IDK- I don't know
  • J/K- Just kidding
  • K - OK
  • L8R- Later
  • LOL- Laugh out loud
  • M/F- Male or female
  • MSG -Message
  • OIC- Oh, I see
  • P2P- Person-to-person
  • PLZ- Please
  • PM- Private message
  • SYL- See you later
  • TGIF- Thank goodness it's Friday THX Thanks
  • TTYL -Talk to you later



  1. Hi Sir,
    Certain thingz in yer pozt includin, BRB, BBL, J/K, SY, TGIF, wer completely new 2 me! Thank U! U cleard ma doubt,which was existin in ma mynd, sinz antiquity!
    U may fynd it funny, coz I was believin sinz long dat "LOL" was just a form of address, just like, "buddie" r "dude"... Thnx a lot, 4 I'm clear nw!

    n I think, perhaps de bezt way 2 denote "because" iz, "coz" rather dan "cuz", as "cuz" in de US is used as a form of adrez at one's cousin, n itz widely used in de same way by mozt americanz in der chatz 2oo...

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  3. Hai,
    I hope the British CUZ causes no damage to American coz