QUESTION BY :-VENGATESAN Sundararajan If you have any amusing incident when teaching English, please share. VENGATESAN SundararajanEnglish Language Teacher,Top Contributor

· Stephen Stephen Emery ESL Teacher at Kangning English School in Taiwan I was teaching an elementary class in Taiwan. The kids were talking about a Taiwanese philosopher that claimed the next day was the end of the world. I asked for a show of hands of who actually believed the world was ending the next day. Only 1 hand went up. I asked the student, "If you really think tomorrow is the day we all die, why are you sitting here? Go home!" He asked, "Really?" I said, "Yes, if you truly believe tomorrow we all die. Go home. You have far more important things to do tonight than sit here and listen to me." He thought about it briefly and slowly packed up his books and walked out of the room.

I continued to teach and about 5 minutes later the student came back in. I asked him what happened. He said,…