July 18, 2012


                              KING SOLOMON’S COURT                 

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                                                                   SCENE  -  I
“My son is suffering.  It is not possible to go home in this late night”
“Oh! An inn is there . We shall go there and  go home in the morning.”
(They go to the inn and start sleeping.)

(Another women moaning.) ( Holding her died son in her hand )
“Oh! God I my son is dead, how can I go home without my child.”
“There  seem to  be an inn. Let me take rest in the inn “
“We shall  decide in the morning.”

( The girl enters into the inn .Saw LENA  (the first women) is sleeping with  her child )  MENA (the second women) thought   of a plan.
Good idea!”  ( Clicking his thumbs)
“I am going to  take the child . Here after  he is my child.”
( The lady goes towards the first woman stealthily and took the first lady’s child )

When woke up the first lady shocked  at the child  has been stolen
“Where is my child? , Where is my child ?”  (she screamed and goes here and there)
“Hey, What are doing with my child?”
“The child is mine”
“Give it to me”.

MENA :“No, no, this is my child . I can’t  give it to you.”
LENA “-“You are telling  lie .“
MENA :-“No, no you  are lying”
LENA :-Are you going to give my child  or not?
MENA : -No, definitely not. This is mine.
LENA :-“Please”………………………………(begs)
MENA :-No……………………………..(shouts)

                                                           SCENE  - II


( Speaking with them , “There seem to be a sound of two ladies” , “Come let us go inside the inn and see what is going on there?”)

First court man:- “Hei  , gentle ladies why are you  quarrelling?”
Second  Court man  : “What’s wrong with you ? What is going on here?”

First Lady ( LENA ) :  (crying )Sir, I am sleeping with my child . This lady stole my child.
Second lady (MENA ):  No, no , she is wrong. This is my child. I’ve never stolen .
First Court man :-  ( Putting his finger in his head and said ) “  Oh ! God a strange case” , (and consoles two women).
 “Don’t  quarrel “.
“Don’t quarrel”. Gentle ladies.
“Come  let us go to the  king Solomon.”
“He  will give you good judgment.”


                                                          SCENE - III
                        (KING SOLOMON'S COURT)

Moderator: “Everybody come to order”. “Court is in session now”.
“His Excellency, King Solomon is coming to the court………………..”
(Solomon enters into the court )
Good morning in the name of Lord Jesus !
( Gestures  all to sit down )
Solomon :  “What is the case today?”
Court men : “My Lord, Two Ladies are claiming for one child” This is the case today.
King Solomon : Oh ! Really strange.
                        “ I have seen one lady two sons”
                       “ But two ladies ,claiming for one son”. How is it possible?”
Mona  : -Your majesty!, “This child is mine?” Lena  is claiming for my child?”
Lena ( Shouting) :  “Your Majesty, what Mona says is wrong! “
“The living child is mine! “
“The dead child is hers!”
Mona: “No! The dead child is yours”.
“The living child is mine!”
“Take your hands off my baby!”
Mona: Oh, your majesty, know that this child is mine.
Lena: No! No! The child is mine!
King Solomon: “Will someone bring me a sword? NOW!……
( A sword is brought)
“Thank you.”
Now,   “Take the sword and divide the living child in two”. 
“Give half to Mona, and half to Lena.”
( A Man with sword nears the child to cut the child ).

Lena: “Oh, your majesty, NO! Please, give the living child to  Mona and do not kill him. Please, let him live. She can have him”.  ( Weeps )
Mona: Go ahead, my King. Let this child be neither hers nor mine.
“Divide it, and  We will be equal again!”
King Solomon: ( Orders)
Lower that sword! “
“Remove it from the court room! “
“Send the child with Lena, . Because Lena is the child’s mother.”
“Only the real mother would make any sacrifice,”
“She never put up with the pain of her own child”
Lena:- “ Thank you my Lord” . Long live your majesty!   

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