October 26, 2011

English words without vowels

                 Interesting Words in English Without Vowels 

 By: Means of; with the help of; used while specifying dimensions.

Dry: The act of removing moisture.

 Fly: Travel or move through air.

 Fry: Cook in a hot pan with oil.

 Gypsy: A nomad living the tribal way.

 Hymn: A song of praise for the Lord.

 Lymph: A bodily fluid.

 Lynch: To kill or hurt without legal sanction.

 Lynx: A wild cat with a short tail.

 Myth: A baseless story.

 My: Possessive pronoun used to show belonging of an object.

 Ply: Give the desired or needed.

 Pygmy: A small (height) person.

 Pyx: A chest in which coins are kept.

 Rhythm: A musical beat with regular intervals.

 Shy: Short of; lacking confidence.

 Sky: The outer space, appears blue in color when viewed from the earth's surface.

 Spry: Moving swiftly.

 Spy: To watch secretly.

 Sylph: A graceful and slender young woman.

 Try: Attempt.

 Tryst: Date with opposite gender.

 Wry: Sarcastic in a humorous way.

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